Events and Seminars

The School organizes semester-and year-long seminars and unique events through the year, many of which are open to the public either in-person or online. Public seminars and events can be attended by anyone with an interest in the material; you do not need to be in or considering formation in order to register.

Find out more about the events and seminars being offered this year on the Seminars or Events pages.

Psychoanalytic Formation

LSP offers several tracks for formation open to scholars and clinical and research analysts. Each track has a set of guidelines for one’s formation, though your pathway through any particular track is left open to your own desire. Find more details about the process of formation, becoming a Lacanian analyst or scholar through LSP on this page.

About The School

Learn more about LSP’s Bylaws, Board, Committees, symbolic structure, and how to participate in the logistics and functioning of the School on this page.


Look through all the current clinicians, candidates, and scholars who are current members of LSP. You can learn about each member’s work and find their contact information through this page.


You can pay for school tuition, an event or seminar, or make a tax-deductible donation to the school on this page. All payments to LSP are currently accepted through this page.


If you would like to browse LSP members’ recent publications or learn more about Freud or Lacan, take a look at the resources listed on this page.

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